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Our Values

Our Values

Many organizations create a set of values but then fail to put the systems and processes in place to ensure they live up to them. At Axiom we look to our values as the very foundation upon which we’re building this firm. We believe that how we choose to live those values shapes our brand in the marketplace, determines how well our clients are served day-to-day and exerts tremendous influence over the culture and working environment we provide for our people. In fact, we make sure they are embedded in everything we do. Listed below are seven values that we choose to live by.


We are passionate about our clients and proud of the impact we make together.

Our professionals choose to work as consultants because they love the variety and challenge associated with solving difficult problems in different industries. To be successful as a firm we believe that our professionals should:

  1. Describes own work passionately in terms of benefits to client.
  2. Before, during, and following engagements, focuses on outcomes most important to client.
  3. Describes every project situation and decision through the client’s eyes.


We uncover and address the most challenging problems in ways that impel action.

Developing elegant solutions to difficult client problems is only helpful if they can be implemented in the context of the client organization and have real impact. Therefore, we expect our professionals to:

  1. Perseveres to increase understanding and clarity through objective, data-driven problem-solving and analysis.
  2. Helps clients see business issues differently and more usefully.
  3. Works with clients in ways that create urgency about the problem and excitement about the path forward.


Together we achieve more - by bringing the full power of the firm to everything we do.

Our people bring a vast array of experiences and backgrounds together to make us the firm we are today. In order for us to achieve our goals and to deliver on client expectations we believe that everyone in the Firm should:
  1. Acknowledges and makes use of the differing perspectives of others.
  2. Proactively contributes to the shared methods, tools, knowledge and approaches of the Firm.
  3. Acts to improve the performance of the team.


We encourage forthright dialogue and constructive conflict.

Constructive conflict is productive and essential to our culture and critical to ensure we deliver results for our clients. So we encourage our professionals to:

  1. Communicates confidence vs. arrogance with both clients and colleagues
  2. When in conflict with others, respectfully engages vs. fighting or fleeing.
  3. Raises important issues with colleagues and clients directly and in a timely manner, with the intent of working towards a successful resolution.


We balance the interests of our clients, our firm, and ourselves - in that order.

Achieving the right balance between competing priorities will always be a challenge in any business but especially in our industry. However, to succeed as a Firm we believe our professionals must:

  1. Demonstrates responsibility for own unique life and career priorities, needs, and emotional and physical health.
  2. Considers the implications for the client, the Firm, and self before taking action.
  3. Seeks creative solutions where conflict occurs, focusing on long-term success for our clients, our Firm, and ourselves.


We learn, teach, and develop capability, courage, and wisdom.

Continuous learning and development is essential for each of us individually and without it we cannot be successful as a Firm. So we ask our professionals to:

  1. Adopts new and better ways of doing things, even if they disrupt conventional methods.
  2. Formally and informally provides useful teaching to help clients and colleagues grow.
  3. Strives to be better by seeking out and acting on feedback.


We push our clients and ourselves to think differently and face and act on hard truths.

Sometimes the truth can be hard to accept but it’s important that we deliver the tough relevant messages effectively so that they can be acted upon. So we ask our professionals to:

  1. Has the courage to say and do what’s right for the client and firm.
  2. Helps clients and colleagues see and seize opportunities.
  3. Takes risks to help the firm and our clients succeed together.
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