Connecting the Dots Between Strategy, Organization and Talent

At Axiom Consulting Partners we have the people, the capabilities, the industry experience and the insight to help clients execute strategy and deliver results.

We are an employee-owned firm comprised of experienced, objective professionals. We build relationships with our clients that allow us to ask challenging questions in the spirit of generating insights and new ways of thinking about strategy implementation.  Our solutions are always pragmatic. Our clients value the fact that several of our people have held leadership roles in large companies and, as a result, we understand the challenges of implementing large-scale change.

You may need help in a very specific area – clarifying your strategy, redesigning your organization, succession planning or improving sales force design.  Irrespective of the issue you are tackling we always encourage clients to look at planned changes in an integrated way through the lenses of business strategy, organization design and talent. This ensures that any changes in strategy also consider necessary changes in organization design or talent requirements.  Similarly, changes in organization design or talent management practices are always preceded by the question “How will this change improve our client's ability to execute their strategy and deliver results?” Ignoring these linkages will put your results at risk.

Over the course of our careers we’ve helped hundreds of organizations improve their performance. Our industry experience spans consumer goods, energy, financial services, technology, healthcare, life sciences, professional services, education and not-for -profit. But we’re not guided by a rear-view mirror look at past industry behavior. Our job is to deliver results that help you thrive now and in the future.

In fact, we’ve written a book, Shockproof: How to Hardwire Your Business for Lasting Success, that describes how companies including Qualcomm, Corning, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture aligned strategy, organization and talent to anticipate and respond to change. We also share our insights at conferences, in articles and on this website.