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Financial Services

Financial Firm Strategic Planning & Consulting

Financial services strategy must take into account uncertainty and consolidation, growth and innovation. Axiom helps management teams clarify and then align strategy with the right organizational design and talent to measurably improve performance and profitability. From back office operations to front-line employees and high-performance executives, we know how to capture hidden value.

Case Study: How Axiom Helped First Interstate Bank Transform from Customer Friendly to Customer Intimate

Axiom’s work in supporting the strategic planning process at First Interstate Bank is featured in the Bank Administration Institute’s Banking Strategies. Patricia Smith, Senior Vice President of Segment Management at Billings, Montana-based First Interstate BancSystem, Inc., writes:

By improving each customer’s experience, we are in turn able to measurably improve the company’s financial results by increasing the lifetime value of customers, reducing customer attrition and improving efficiencies, thereby increasing the value of the brand and enhancing customer acquisition in terms of volume and cost.

Read the full article: From Customer Friendly to Customer Intimate.

Case Study: Keeping Profitable High Performers at a Leading Investment Bank

Poaching high performers is a common – and costly — occurrence on Wall Street. A global investment banking and advisory firm seeking to grow significantly and needed to reduce turnover of its experienced professionals and strengthen its unique high-performance culture.

Axiom’s Approach:

After a comprehensive assessment of human resources practices and the supporting infrastructure, Axiom developed a detailed two-year roadmap to empower the HR function as an essential contributor to the firm’s growth strategy. Actions included:

  • Creating clarity firm-wide about strategy and future direction.
  • Establishing a “career ladder” so that employees understand the competencies they need to advance in their careers.
  • Improving performance management and development processes to promote employee advancement.
  • Revising the processes associated with assigning staff to opportunities where they can make the most valuable contributions,
  • Improving hiring and onboarding processes so new employees more quickly become productive contributors in implementing the firm’s strategy.


  • The bank has enjoyed a period of record financial performance since human resources practices have been improved.
  • Turnover of key executives dropped to zero in the first 15 months after new programs were put in place.
  • New hires are on-boarded more quickly and efficiently, which enables them to contribute to profitability in shorter time frames.
  • Management reports that staff are now utilized more appropriately so that the right people are doing the highest value work at the right time.

Capturing Hidden Value

As anyone who engages in business consulting for financial services will tell you, we live in greatly uncertain times. Whether the industry you work in focuses on banking, insurance, tax services, investment funds, etc., unparalleled growth and innovation are fueling rapid changes that defy “strategy” as we once knew it. In an era where the landscape is in constant flux, your management team strategy demands a fresh approach — one that takes into account ever-changing governmental regulations and fluctuations in the economy.

Axiom Consulting Partners services helps management teams across the broad spectrum of industries — from credit unions to accountancy companies, consumer finance companies, tax firms and banking organizations — to clarify and then align strategy with the right organizational design and talent. The result? Significantly improved employee performance and business profitability.

Customized solutions to your most pressing challenges

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every organization’s growth objectives, so Axiom Consulting Partners services develops the right strategy for each of our clients — a strategy you can actually implement. Sometimes this means supporting our client teams through a transfer of our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the financial services industry, building executive alignment as part of the process. At other times, we are invited to deliver the answer — conducting in-depth analysis and presenting customized solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

Depending on the organization, solutions can range from financial services lead generation to employee value proposition planning and organizational strategy for banks. Our mission is helping you identify the specific strategic priorities that set the foundation for quantifiable execution — while also cutting costs, managing risk, and resolving the often intricate challenges you face on a daily basis.

Building on and communicating your leadership vision

The range of specialized expertise our consulting firm brings to your company sets us apart from others offering business consulting for financial services. We build on your leadership vision, question underlying assumptions that may inhibit execution, and refine strategic plan messaging so various stakeholders will better understand and support your plan. Just as importantly, we boost our clients’ productivity by improving their ability to execute strategy through changes in business processes, organizational structure, governance and operating models.

From refining back-office operations to improving the performance of your front-line employees, we understand how to capture hidden value and make it an intrinsic part of your long-range strategy for growth.

A few of our clients
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