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Chicago Healthcare Industry Organizational Consultants

Healthcare consultants must leave no room for error. Just as there are high standards for the efficacy of healthcare delivery, healthcare leadership teams must execute strategy flawlessly. In our experience working with healthcare systems, successful execution based on a clear strategy and an unwavering alignment of capabilities, process and talent is the prescription for success.

Our approach to serving healthcare clients includes:

  • Structured, rigorous and proven design and implementation process that delivers lasting results.
  • Deep strategy, organizational design, and  operating model subject matter expertise.
  • Ability to help healthcare organizations clarify and connect strategy, organization, and talent.
  • Significant Academic Medical Center (AMC) experience and context for what works and doesn’t from other industry experiences.
  • Change management and project management capability and capacity to execute high quality work on-time and on-budget.

Caring for Chronically Ill Patients—A Systematic Approach to Managing Complexity

Caring for chronically ill patients is one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare today. Axiom Consulting Partners, working with Vizient and leading academic medical centers, outlines a systematic approach towards managing the complexity of caring for the chronically ill.

In this video “A Breakthrough Approach to Managing Care for the Chronically Ill Population,” Garrett Sheridan, Axiom’s president, points out that there are five foundational elements associated with effectively caring for the chronically ill, including:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Roles and responsibilities within a team-based approach to care
  3. Key interactions and information flows
  4. Workforce composition and staffing model
  5. Tools and technologies

The American healthcare system faces unique challenges in its efforts to provide quality care to patients across the country. Hospitals and medical systems in general are under great pressure to reduce costs, while at the same time continually enhancing the quality of care.

As a leader in business consulting for healthcare, Axiom Consulting Partners believes that successful execution — based on a clear strategy and an unwavering alignment of capabilities, process and talent — is the prescription for success.

All-Encompassing Strategic Healthcare Services

Axiom Consulting Partners offers a wide range of consulting services for hospitals, including:

  • State-of-the-art analytics addressing issues related to budgeting, cost containment, the healthcare management of large and diverse populations, and quality-of-care improvement.
  • Translating massive amounts of healthcare data into strategies for achieving specific goals.
  • On-site inspection of hospital practices, as well as in-depth interviews with all key stakeholders.
  • A collaborative approach to finding solutions that result in dramatic advances in both financial and operational systems.

In offering strategy consulting for healthcare companies, our goals are to help you overcome obstacles to sustainable growth, and to uncover new ways to move forward in a heavily regulated environment.

Collaboration is Key

At Axiom Consulting Partners, we strongly believe in the power of collaborating with clients to find the right business-performance solutions. This includes seeking input and strategic insights from physicians and physician executives, acknowledging the value of their clinical perspective. No long-range strategy for improved healthcare is possible without the support of medical providers.

This collaborative approach also encompasses close working relationships with hospital management and clinical staff. Working alongside all relevant stakeholders ensures that the best aspects of your institutional legacy remain intact, even as we forge new strategies for the future.

From Strategy to Execution

Recognizing that all hospitals and healthcare companies are unique, Axiom Consulting Partners offers services tailored to each client’s specific needs. We can transfer our knowledge and experience directly, helping build management alignment along the way. Or we can conduct the analysis and devise strategic recommendations on our own.

Whatever the situation, we focus on preparing clients for strategy execution from the outset of a project. We help our healthcare clients connect the dots between strategic intent and the organizational model and talent needed to successfully execute the plan.

In an era when every aspect of healthcare seems to be hotly debated in the public realm, is it really possible to build a model that’s both financially viable and effective in providing quality care to a large and diverse population? With our demonstrated track record of creating and implementing profitable growth strategies, Axiom Consulting Partners believes the answer is “Yes.”

A few of our clients
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