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Marc Timmerman


Marc Timmerman, with more than 20 years executive and consulting experience, combines deep insight with real-world operational experience to develop practical yet high-impact HR and Talent Management solutions. Marc has a particular interest in working with multinational organizations to address challenges in the fields of talent management strategy, HR effectiveness, high potential identification, leadership development, talent engagement, competency management, talent identification, succession planning, and diversity management. Marc’s passion for solving client issues through innovative thinking and problem solving from concept through implementation define his work and consulting style. He has partnered extensively with leading organizations including Nike Europe, Pfizer Europe, Orange, BP, GDF/Suez group, Electrabel, Belgacom, Baxter Europe, Toyota Europe, Novo Nordisk, KBC group, ING, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Volvo Cars Europe, Schering-Plough EMEA, Picanol Group, Goodyear EMEA, Guberna, Loeff-Claeys-Verbeke, Sociéte Générale, GE Europe, Johnson & Johnson, and ABB.

To reach Marc by phone call + 32.496.291.383 or via email to mtimmerman@axiomcp.com.

Previous Experience:

Prior to joining Axiom, Marc was the Head and Executive Director of the European Talent Management practice of Hudson Highland Group (NASDAQ HHGP), where he was a member of the European Executive Team. Before this, he led the HR consulting practice and founded the assessment and competency management practice for leading Belgian consulting firm De Witte & Morel. Between 1995 and 2001, he was a Partner at Ernst & Young in Belgium.

Publications & Affiliations:

JUMP has asked Marc to serve as the “Expert” to help select the recipients of The Wo.Men@Work Award, sponsored by Coca-Cola Enterprises in Belgium. It is an annual award that honors an executive C-level manager (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO or member of the Executive Board), of a company or organization established in Belgium. The winner is recognized for pro-actively promoting gender balance and is personally committed to guaranteeing an equal representation of men and women in the company’s management and top management.

In addition, Marc is an executive member of the European HR Forum, senior advisor to the European Foundation for Management Development and vice-chairman of the Board of the non-profit organization “Cocom – Ode aan de Mens”. Marc is also a regular speaker on Talent Management matters and he is a guest-lector at the Royal Belgian Military Academy, the Vlerick Management School, the Free University of Brussels, and the CPA Management School in France. He is a frequent speaker throughout Europe on the topic of High Potentials, Talent Management, Employee Engagement, HR aspect of M&A, and Leadership Development. Since 2008 he has deepened his expertise in diversity management, resulting in him being nominated as the first male chairman for the 2010 Jump Women Leadership Conference in Brussels. In 2007, he was the author of the book “High Potentials: the Competitive Edge within your Company”. Since then, he has published multiple articles on Talent Management issues in the European press, including The Irish Times, CLO, HR Magazine, and Le Figaro.


Marc has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis from the University of Ghent, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from EHSAL in Brussels.

Personal Note:

My favorite quote is one from the French writer Paul Valéry: “The problem of our times is that the future no longer is what it once was”.

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