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Paul Dinan


Paul helps leaders formulate and implement strategic choices and manage the associated change.

Paul achieves this by working with clients to achieve complete strategic alignment and commitment among their leadership team, by developing the organizational capabilities they need to execute, by ensuring their talent portfolios are fit for purpose and by proactively managing the risks and objectives of large-scale change.

Working with complex and fast-paced organizations, Paul strongly believes in finding ways to simplify and distill, thereby helping leaders focus more of their time and energy on what is important rather than what is urgent.

Based in Chicago following extended time living in Paris and Dublin, Paul has worked with leading organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Clients served include Corning, EA BioWare, SAP, Meteor Mobile, Qwest Communications, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Pfizer, Wyeth BioPharma, British American Tobacco, Booz & Co., An Post, EBS Building Society, Enterprise Ireland, LeasePlan, McDonald’s, Transocean, and UPS.

You can reach Paul by phone at +1.312.202.3026 or by email at pdinan@axiomcp.com

Previous Experience:

Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners in 2010, Paul was European Practice Leader for Hudson Talent Management (NASDAQ HHGP). Based in Paris, he worked closely with corporate, regional and local leadership in over a dozen European countries to successfully expand and develop the business, while also managing high-value multi-national key accounts. Previously Paul was Practice Leader for Hudson’s Irish Talent Management business, based in Dublin. This followed his time with MPact Consulting, a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategy execution, with whom he was based in both Chicago and Dublin.

Publications & Affiliations:

Paul is a member of the Strategic Planning Society, formed in 1967 as an international network of strategists, dedicated to the development of strategic thinking, strategic management and strategic leadership. Paul is also a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals, an international organization dedicated to advancing the discipline and profession of change management practices. Paul is also a member of the Ireland Network in Chicago.

Paul has published many articles and regularly speaks at conferences and industry events. Recent articles include “Leading and Managing Change” (Axiom Consulting Partners), “Navigating a Godot Recovery” (Business & Finance magazine), “A Five-Year Forecast for Global Talent Management Trends” (workspan magazine), “The Road Ahead” (Business & Finance magazine), “Best Practices for Managing Global Talent” (workspan magazine), and “The Paradox of Temporary Loyalty” (workspan magazine). Recent blogs include “Six Myths that Undermine Major IT Transformation Projects” and “5 Ways to Beat Google, Apple & Facebook for Top Gen Y Talent”.


Paul holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management & Planning from UCD Smurfit Business School, a ‘Financial Times’ top-50 ranked global Master’s program. Paul also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from University College Dublin.

Personal Note:

Developing a perfect strategy is rarely too difficult, but perfectly implementing a strategy almost always is.

The former is a deft combination of art and science, but is largely within the capacity and control of accomplished leaders, sometimes with support from external advisors.

The latter, strategy implementation, is a different challenge altogether. Soaring intellect and wisdom will not suffice. A small like-minded coalition is not enough. Fellow leaders need to be enlisted, organizations need to be rewired, talent portfolios need to be rebalanced, risks need to be managed, and hearts and minds need to be won. Then inevitably as real changes take root fatigue and doubt set in, as people forget how the night is always darkest just before the dawn.

I try to shine a light on these types of challenges for my clients, and then work with them to close the gap between their strategy and implementation.

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