In the dynamic world of energy—consumer demands, regulatory requirements, and social responsibility all play a driving role in developing an energy portfolio of the future—one that expertly balances cost, reliability, and environmental factors. This dramatic shift away from traditional fossil fuels (coal, oil) that take their toll on the environment, to those that utilize electric, wind, solar, biofuels, and natural gas requires new ways of thinking about supplying and delivering energy. This new mandate challenges leading companies to find cost efficient ways to deliver energy reliably, execute large infrastructure projects like LNG plants, wind farms, and solar panel technology safely, on-time and on-budget, and modernize 100-year old systems to those that enable smart-grid technology for better energy management.

Innovators in the energy field understand these requirements and are making bold changes as to how and where they source, deliver, and organize their businesses to effectively deliver against the demands of the new energy future. This all requires a nimble and forward-looking approach to transforming their business model and having the organization (people, process, and tools) to make this new energy future a reality.

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