High performing nonprofit organizations are mission driven in their focus and diligent in executing their strategies. They know the value of applying commercial disciplines to enable them to better serve their constituents. As one of our clients likes to say, “Nonprofit is a tax designation, not an operating objective.”

We help nonprofits establish and execute strategic plans, transform and grow their organizations and develop the processes, governance, accountability and transparency required to serve their constituents.

When we work with a trade association, membership organization or social services provider we apply the same analytical rigor and depth of thinking that we do with our for-profit clients. And, given our extensive experience advising nonprofit organizations, we also recognize the unique characteristics of nonprofit groups and the boards of directors that serve and guide them. This is why we often take an “inside-out” approach to our engagements, focusing first on the needs of our clients’ stakeholders to determine how best to create value.

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