Opportunity  |  A sustainable cleaning equipment company set ambitious organic growth objectives which would require aggressive hiring and retention of high-quality talent. Leaders, however, had little visibility into what was unique, valued and most attractive about a career at the company. In addition, the company’s current employee value proposition was not well-articulated or appropriately visible in the talent market which limited their ability to attract the talent to enable growth.

 Approach  |  Through internal and external research, we were able to understand the drivers of employee engagement and which aspects of the employee experience will need be improved or protected to attract and retain high-quality talent. We designed a powerful and differentiated EVP that leveraged the company brand, mission, and reputation as an innovator as key attractors for the talent segments critical to enabling business growth. Employment branding guidelines and an HR implementation roadmap helped the company to fully embed and activate the EVP throughout the employee lifecycle.


  • Improved the attractiveness of the employee experience by strengthening the aspects of a career most valued by high performing talent
  • Enhanced the visibility and differentiation of the employment brand in key talent markets through magnetic employment brand messaging
  • Created alignment between the customer value proposition and employee value proposition by building on the company’s well-recognized reputation as an innovator in the industry

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