Designing a Resilient Operating Model — Don’t Wait

How resilient is your organization’s operating model? Has it been designed to be effective in all economic conditions? Don Ruse, Partner, shares his thoughts.

For companies that are just now thinking about how to respond to a recession, frankly, it’s probably too late because they are in a responsive and reactive mode. And in fact, they should design their operating models to be resilient both in times of growth as well as in times of decline or stagnation. Operating models don’t necessarily change based on economic conditions and should be designed to weather economic changes.

Historically, when the economy starts to dip, the first thing you see are the Challenger reports on how many people get laid off; you also see that in The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg. If you are in a situation where you are waiting to size your workforce, or to re-compose your workforce based on what the economy is doing, you are too late already.

Transcript edited for clarity. 

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