How IT Drives Value Across the Organization

How can IT improve efficiency in an organization and drive value? Corning Vice President & CIO Mark Clark shares how with Axiom Consulting Partners’ Don Ruse.

Don Ruse: Let’s talk a bit about value. You’ve talked about the criticality of you as a CIO being a business person first and really having a deep understanding of what drives top and bottom-line results.

Mark Clark: I think that IT can improve efficiency inside an organization. We can do that through the utilization of automation. We can bring in workforce productivity tools. We can provide mobility, so that people can work anytime, anywhere and have that flexibility that they really want, to really drive efficiency in an organization. The second opportunity for us is really agility, and in the area of agility it is taking advantage of the cloud and the speed of the cloud; having a service that used to take months to design, acquire and implement and doing that at the click of a mouse button at that speed is a huge advantage for any business to leverage. And the last area is really around the data and that we can monetize the data we create from our businesses from the value of the data itself.  There have been many opportunities that we have found that we can take advantage of the data that we have to help create new innovations, to help speed up manufacture and improve the quality and to find us insights to opportunity and revenue and to help us make sure that we are efficient in the way that we do our work.

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