Josefine Ehlers Davidsen, Senior Consultant

Josefine specializes in leadership and organizational psychology. With a background in service, management and leadership, she brings a deep understanding of the importance of relationships in creating, developing and retaining great business. She has great practical expertise in organizational growth and relational dynamics. Her experience as a manager has enhanced her ability to work in a pragmatic manner when developing leadership and management solutions.


Josefine joined Axiom Consulting Partners after completing a five-month internship while finishing her degree. Prior to joining Axiom CP, Josefine worked for more than 10 years in sales, and has worked as a store manager where she facilitated financial and professional growth.

She has co-founded an EU learning-platform for students and teachers to strengthen students’ interest in and general knowledge about the EU through teaching methodology, debates and presentations from prominent influencers and experts. She has further been involved in the entrepreneurial scene of Copenhagen, doing presentations on emotional intelligence, personal motivation and how to build strong business relationships.


Josefine earned a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen, where she specialized in leadership and organizational psychology. During and after her studies she took semesters at Copenhagen Business School and Metropolitan University College.

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Personal Note

 To understand business, we must understand people. As the world is becoming more complex, the psychology of leadership can help us understand the multifaceted aspects, and potential, of decision-making, motivation, interpersonal relationships and the development of markets.

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