Shawn Nelson, Associate Consultant  

Shawn has a perpetual curiosity and a rich analytical background developed through his professional and academic experience. His liberal arts education gave him the ability to reimagine and reshape complex problems while developing both critical thinking skills and a diverse array of analytical competence. Through thoughtful analysis and data analytics, Shawn partners with clients to drive profitable growth and execution excellence.


Prior to joining Axiom Consulting Partners, Shawn held an internship at Morgan Stanley in their Private Wealth Management division. Working at Morgan Stanley Shawn assisted with managing and creating client presentations, investment strategies, as well as market research. Also, he helped develop new marketing strategies for his team.

Additionally, Shawn held an internship at Merrill Lynch where he aided and assisted in business strategy and sales leadership in the greater Chicagoland area.


Shawn graduated cum laude from Lake Forest College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance.

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Personal Note

Being a college athlete taught me many skills, the greatest skill being perseverance. No matter the situation, project, or client I will always strive for success and will consistently remain poised when faced with adversity.

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