The sobering truth is that most transformation efforts fail.

Transformational change is among the most difficult and perplexing challenges a leader can assume.  While the intended outcomes may seem clear, the complete playbook for achieving real and sustainable change can be elusive.

A successful process often begins with the technical solution: redesigning key processes, launching a new product, or building a new sales program.  But to be successful, even the most perfectly designed technical change must also address the political, psychological, and cultural forces that, when measured and managed, become the ingredients in accelerating transformation.

We address the full combination of forces, based on research that tells us how individuals and organizations respond to change.  We start by building a deep understanding of the stakeholder landscape to segment key influencers.  We layer in messaging, branding, and tactics to match the profiles of those segments, and then guide and position change leaders to exploit key events, promote unencumbered thinking, and address the pull of idiosyncratic and legacy mindsets.

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