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Professional Services

Consulting, Strategic Planning, & Talent Recruitment

Being a professional service firm consultant is a challenge like no other. Recruiting the best and brightest, retaining top performers and managing growth through difficult economic cycles are just a few of the challenges keeping management up at night. Axiom is the consultant’s consultant, helping some of the world’s largest and most successful firms keep their edge by ensuring that their strategy is right and their capabilities and talent management practices support strategy execution.

In the book, Leading Firms: How Great Professional Service Firms Succeed & How Your Firm Can Too David Kuhlman, a highly respected management consultant to many of the world’s top firms, gives an informed view on how those in professional services can achieve the same success as best-in-class firms.

Most businesses claim that people are their most important asset, but Kuhlman, a partner at Axiom Consulting Partners, explains that professional service firms are unique because their entire value chain consists of people who must differentiate themselves from competitors who often offer the same product in similar ways with near-identical messaging. From the author’s examination of why it’s more difficult to implement change than in a traditional business, to his analysis of the challenges of rising above the competition, he offers a comprehensive guide to the special dynamics of the professional service firm. Kuhlman covers in striking detail the aspects of the daily dealing with clients and markets as well as the planning and implementation of long-term strategy that leading a firm requires.

The American Bar Association’s Law Practice Today article “A Look at the State of the Art in Business Development Software and Analytics” explains how Axiom Consulting Partners is helping DLA Piper Retain Clients and Improve Profitability

“Currently, predictive analysis is not widely used to support law firm business development. Yet, one major law firm, DLA Piper, and its partner Axiom Consulting Partners, analyzed the firm’s big data from various sources to develop a proprietary predictive analytics model to identify and retain vulnerable or at-risk clients. The project started when the firm’s chief marketing officer wanted to understand the value of the firm’s marketing spending.  As her team started reviewing the data, they realized the data could support an early warning system for vulnerable clients and a way to address the situation before it was too late.  With Axiom, DLA Piper built a predictive analytics model that identifies the behaviors that signal when a client may be vulnerable, as well as what can be done to keep at-risk clients from taking their business elsewhere.”

Predictive analytics

The article, written by Julie Savarino, also examines law firm trends in the areas of artificial intelligence, CRM systems, content production and distribution, emarketing and marketing intelligence, among others.

Recruiting the best and brightest employees, retaining top performers and managing growth through difficult economic cycles are just a few of the challenges keeping professional services management up at night. Axiom, the consultant’s consultant, helps many of the world’s largest and most successful firms maintain their competitive edge by ensuring that their strategies are the right ones and that their capabilities and talent management practices support strategy execution.

There’s never been a more urgent need for business consulting for professional services companies than right now. These companies have grown larger and more complex in response to demands by sophisticated clients seeking cost-effective solutions to organizational issues (while also wanting to preserve the unique aspects of their company’s culture). In many cases, this requires organizational restructuring and revamping the decision-making process in order to remain competitive.

That’s where Axiom Consulting Partners comes in for professional services. Depending on the unique needs of our many clients, we provide:

  • A thorough assessment of your company’s culture and position in the marketplace
  • Evaluation of your present strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • A vision of your future and a roadmap for getting there
  • In-depth market research and competitive analysis
  • Review of operations, policies and procedures
  • Strategies for attracting and retaining top performers
  • Guidance in refining your culture to generate corporate success and superior individual employee performance
  • Implementation of metrics for governance, performance and decision-making

Armed with this comprehensive strategic and operational knowledge, your professional services company can reach unparalleled levels of growth.

Axiom Consulting Partners specializes in a variety of professional areas, including:

Business strategy for architects. We help refine market position and strategy, identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and plot a route toward the expansion of your architectural firm.

Business strategy for auditors. We guide professional auditing firms in improved auditing cash management, payroll, fixed assets, general accounting and other key business functions.

Business strategy for doctors. In a professional service experiencing unprecedented change, we assist doctors and their organizations in restructuring, upgrading performance, M&A, refinancing and other key elements of their business operations.

Business strategy for lawyers. With extensive experience in the legal industry, Axiom Consulting works collaboratively with our legal clients in designing new strategies for driving business leads, growing professional relationships, and attracting clients for law firms and individual practicing attorneys.

Business strategy for engineers. Axiom Consulting offers advanced engineering strategy and consulting across a broad spectrum of civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural engineering projects. Our expertise ranges from structural systems selection and on-site construction supervision to land use planning, guidance in permits and regulatory compliance, financial analysis and asset management.

Is your professional services firm on the brink of major change? Axiom Consulting Partners is here to help take you and your firm to the next level of peak performance.

A few of our clients
Almost half of the nation’s largest accounting firms
Several Big 4 firms
Major global law firms
Leading strategy and speciality consuting firms
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